Fundraiser for hospital in memory of Rhyl brother and 'sidekick' who died from severe flu

Published date: 13 July 2017 |
Published by: Suzanne Kendrick
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Michaela with her brother 

A YOUNG woman who lost her 'sidekick' and brother to a severe bout of flu is planning to have her hair shaved off in his memory.

Macauley Bratherton, aged 20, from Rhyl, had what he thought were normal flu symptoms but then started to cough up blood.

He was rushed to Glan Clwyd Hospital where he was put on a life support machine, but died on February 6.

His sister, Michaela Bratherton, 23, is having her long locks shaved off next Wednesday which would have been Macauley’s 21st birthday. The headshave will take at Sunnys Bar in Towyn and will raise money for the intensive care unit at the Bodelwyddan hospital.

Michaela said of her brother: “I was Batman he and was my Robin and we did everything together.

”The headshave is in memory of Macauley but also to raise awareness about influenza.

”It is always made aware of for the elderly, toddlers and babies, but since most young adults aren’t aware of how serious the flu can get. We just tend to sit on it.

“I’m nervous about having my hair shaved off, with it being quite long. Shaving my hair is a major shock to many, especially my family and friends.

”They know that my hair is my confidence. What inspired me was Maca’s motto – ‘you’ve got one shot.’ If that one shot is doing an outrageous act, just to make awareness, I’ll take that shot so no other family have to go through the same we have.”

Michaela hopes to raise £250 for the unit. She is convinced her brother, who a keen rap musician released material through YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook, would back her decision.

She added: “The doctors and nurses at Glan Clwyd Hospital who looked after Macauley were amazing. No words or amounts of money can thank them for what they did in those few days.

Michaela holding her brother as a baby

"Since Macauley died, nothing has been the same. It's hard to sit and watch you parents grieve for a child they long to see and hold again and that breaks my heart.

"Macaulay touched the hearts of many and losing him has torn a huge whole in many of those hearts. I couldn't go a day without talking to Maca, so going five months has been really hard. We did everything together. There are days when you kind of forget he's passed because it still feels unreal. I can sit there think 'oh let's see what he's up to today' and then have to remind myself. 

Michaela will undergo her headshave on July 19, which would have been her brother’s 21st birthday

“Maca was well and truly the rock of this family. He inspired so many with his music. I'm glad we have it because when you hear his voice, you feel he is still around and that he's not truly gone.”

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