Lucky escape for deer who caught antlers in electric fence in St Asaph

Published date: 12 April 2017 |
Published by: Suzanne Jordan 
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A ROE deer had a lucky escape after getting its antlers caught in an electric fence on a farm in St Asaph. 

RSPCA inspector Mike Pugh was called to the farm in Llannerch Crossing after being alerted to the stricken deer, but shortly after the inspector arrived the deer was able to break free and ran off back into nearby fields.

Although the deer still had some wire attached to their antlers it is unlikely to cause any further issue. Other RSPCA inspectors were then made aware of the incident so that they could take swift action if the deer was seen again.

Mr Pugh said: “Calls involving large wild animals, like deer, can be tricky as they aren’t used to humans and can get very stressed from the whole experience.

“Thankfully with a little help this deer was able to escape and run back to the fields and nearby woods. We will keep a look out just in case the deer gets into anymore trouble with his antlers.”

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