Blessed Edwards Jones High School evacuated after suspected gas leak

Published date: 26 January 2017 |
Published by: Stephanie Price 
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A RHYL school has been evacuated after a suspected gas leak.

Pupils and teachers have been evacuated from Blessed Edward Jones High School in Rhyl after the reports of the smell of gas.

A notice on the school website reads: "Urgent notice to parents and carers. As a result of a suspected gas leak from the main supply into school, Blessed Edward Jones is to close for the rest of today.

"Pupils have been moved to the safety of the school yard. Parents are requested to either text their son or daughter directly with permission to go home or email the school office. In doing so please clarify the full name and tutor group of your child. Staff will coordinate pupils leaving school safely in order as parental confirmation is provided.”

Denbighshire County Council sent out a tweet stating: “Blessed Edward Jones school evacuated this lunchtime after reports of a smell of gas. Decision taken to close and gas engineers notified.”

A spokesman for Denbighshire County Council said: “Pupils were evacuated from the school building early this afternoon after reports of a smell of gas was reported.  The school, in liaison with the Council decided to close the school for the day on health and safety grounds.  

"It’s believed that the problem lies with the gas supply to the laboratory areas of the school.

"We are expecting the school to re-open tomorrow, but will update the Council’s website and social media accounts."

More to follow.

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