Washloo Ltd

Unit 6 Warren Farm Sarn , Holywell, Flintshire, CH8 9DE

Washloo Ltd is a specialist electric toilet bidet brand. We're the UK's only domestic brand with a commitment to enhancing our customer's bathroom experiences whilst retaining dignity.

Our range includes electric toilet bidets that fit 98% of UK toilets, with features including remote control, temperature control (for both water and seat), drying, self-cleaning, feminine wash, eco-friendly power-saving features, and many more.

We offer the longest and most comprehensive guarantee in the industry at 24-months, and provide free UK delivery. For local customers we provide a comprehensive supply and fit service. Washloo are firmly committed to bringing a better

bathroom experience to people across the UK through our products.

All Washloo products meet CE Standards and RoHS certification.

Washloo - Intelligently Clean, and that's the Bottom Line!